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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All Birthday Cakes...

 Thanks to Kak Lin for ordering the cakes for Birthday Mak i & Mak Pi..
Hepi Befday To U All..

 Thanks to our loyal customer yang order theBirthday Cakes for her daughter, Mia.. 
Hepi befday Mia..

 This cakes special for my daughter, Puteri Syahirah, 4th year old. She requested the Princess Theme. 
Hepi Belated My Dear...

 This cakes for wedding Shamsiah & Khairul, Sg Besar. Selamat Pengantin Baru, Semoga Bahagia Hingga Ke Akhir Hayat..

 This cakes orderd by Kak Yuhasrina, special birthday cakes for her daughter. Thank so much..FYI Kak Yuhasrina wants to deco itself for this cakes...I'm very suprised , because she is very talented mother.

 This cake special for my son, Syafiq 6th years old. He requested the Soccer Theme. 
Hepy Belated my Dear..

 Thanks to Erma for ordering the cake for her daughter with Princess Theme. Hepi Befday Shazmeen..

Thanks again to Erma for ordering cake for her sister, Nurin..Hepi Befday Nurin...

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