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Hello all..

Stated below are the prices for every each of our products. You will find it cheaper than others! Our cupcake price varies on sizes and packages you want to order. We provide Souffle cup and Papercup package for cupcakes

The sizes:
Papercup (available for S and M size only)
S - width (top) 5cm
M - width (top) 6cm

Souffle cup
S - (1 oz) - width (top) 5cm
M - (2.5 oz) - width (top) 6cm
L - 3.25 oz) - width (top) 6.5cm

The prices:
Papercup (available in S & M size only)
Size S
1 pcs - RM1.70
25pcs(min) - RM40.00

30pcs - RM50.00  
*More than the stated quantity available upon request

Size M
1 pcs - RM2.80
12pcs(min) - RM32.00
16pcs - RM43.00
25pcs - RM65.00
*More than the stated quantity available upon request

Souffle cup
Siza XS
36 pcs -RM65.00

Size S 
1 pcs - RM1.80
25pcs(min) - RM45.00
30pcs - RM52.00  
*More than the stated quantity available upon request

Size M
1 pcs - RM3.70
12pcs(min) - RM42.00
16pcs - RM58.00
25pcs - RM80.00
*More than the stated quantity available upon request 

Size L
1 pcs - RM4.00
6pcs(min) - RM22.00
12pcs - RM43.00
*More than the stated quantity available upon request

Cupcakes Flavours:
-Choc. Chips, Full Choc., Vanilla, Coffee, Brownies
*Other flavours available upon request

-Buttercream frosting
*Additional price for fondant and sugar paste - RM1 per pcs

-Fresh cream topping (special topping)
*Additional price for special cupcakes (middle layered with Blueberry) - RM 1.50 per pcs 

-Ganache topping
*High quality chocolate dark compound for ganache
*Additional RM1.50 per pcs.

Cup Sizes 

 Souffle Cup Sizes 

Wedding Cupcakes
Theme: Flowerish (pink and white)
M' cup(16pcs) 

'L' cup(6pcs) 
butter cream 

 'M' cup(12pcs) 'Elmo Cupcakes'  
butter+fresh cream 

 'M' cup(16pcs) 'Elmo Cupcakes'  
butter+fresh cream

'L' cup 6pcs(min) - (fresh cream)

 'M' cup 12pcs(min)

 'M' cup 25pcs (Full Choc.-fresh cream)

  'M' cup 25pcs (Mixed flavour)

  Raspberry Vanilla flavour (fresh cream)

  Chocolate Chip flavour (fresh cream)

These packages prices are the same for all our cupcakes regardless of their flavours (raspberry cheese, raspberry vanilla, full choc, and chocolate chip).  You can mixed all of them together in one package!
For special order (wedding, engagement, birthday, etc), please kindly contact us for decoration/theme you desire...=)

Our delivery charges depends on which area you want us to send your order, which are stated as follows:
1. Meru, Kapar (Klang) area - RM5.00
2. Everywhere in Puncak Alam, Shah Alam, Subang & Sg.Buloh - RM10.00

3. Nak diskaun?? Tiada masalah....Hubungi kami bila-bila masa bagi mendapatkan diskaun terhebat!...=)

Note: Our delivery only applicable on WEEKENDS/PUBLIC HOLIDAYS except for
Shah Alam ..Attention: You must make an order A WEEK OF ADVANCE before date of delivery

Any inquiry, do not hesitate to contact:

Wan: 0172851956

or you can mail to us at: