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Saturday, June 26, 2010

.:Father's Day + Birthday Cupcakes:.

Hi all,
Cupcakes untuk 2 sambutan...Father's Day untuk si Ayah dan Birthday unutk daughter nye...Digabungkan dalam 1 set cupcakes (30pcs 'S' size). Di'order' oleh Faye bersempena Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to all fathers in the world. Thanks to Faye for this order.
Anda berminat nak cuba?? Jom order melalui  'Order Form' kat bawah sekali page ni or boleh email terus kami kat ratucakeshouse@gmail.com or just call/SMS us at 0123840857(Amin) / 0129348926(Faeza).

Father's day portion

Birthday gurl's portion

 .:Birthday Cupcakes:.
.:30pcs 'S' size:.
.:Theme: Happy Father's Day + Happy Birthday:.
.:Cupcakes:Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Brownies (Mix):.
.:Toppings:butter cream:.
.:Customer: Faye, K.L.:.
.:Delivery: 19th June, 2010:..
Thanks a lot Faye...=)

Any inquiry, do not hesitate to contact one of us:
Amin: 0123840857
Faeza: 0129348926
Zue: 0172851956

or you can mail to us at:
Selamat mencuba! =)

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